Happy New Year, everyone. This is goodbye!

I’ve gone back to my roots. Brought back the masterballz URL and precious Blue back as my icon. I remember I started this blog about two years ago, maybe even more than that. It was kind of spontaneous; a product of my procrastination, really. I never imagined that I would ever reached the follower count I have today. The numbers have definitely dwindled due to my inactivity or whatnot, but nonetheless. From 1 to 1800, thank you to each and every one of you guys.

I used to receive messages from people saying how much they loved Pokemon when they were younger and how they rediscovered their love for it now, years later through my blog, and that was really special. I was glad that something as minor as a little blog filled with brilliant art by various talented artists could do that. I’m happy to have made this blog and shared the art with everyone. 

Unfortunately, though, I’ve decided that I want to stop posting here. I’m not certain on the reason why, but it somehow became difficult for me to keep masterballz active. I suppose I grew used to not posting during my senior year that it became natural for me to kind of… forget about this place. I’m on summer break now, but once it’s over I’m sure that I’ll have to stop keeping masterballz active again anyway. I didn’t score high enough to get into my course last year (missed it by that much) so I’m giving it another try this year.

That being said, I’ll still keep the blog around for memory’s sake, but don’t wait around for it. There are lots of Pokemon art blogs around now so it’s alright! (my favourites are thesafarizone, pkmnbook, distorted-charmandre, refi, rivalhyuu, and zoruas. they should all be relatively active!) Don’t feel obligated to keep following this blog anymore. 

If you’d like, you can follow me on my personal blog which I pretty much never neglect. I’ll post Pokemon there on most days (it’s primarily Final Fantasy and anime/manga as well) , but there won’t nearly be as much variety in characters as masterballz. If you don’t, then that’s okay too. 

Well, all the best! Good luck for the new year. Be safe.
See you later. 

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